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Yes, you can ONLY register the program online.  You can use our online registration form to register and pay the registration/license fee online.  Just fill out the REGISTRATION FORM  and click "SUBMIT".   Our "THANK YOU" page will pop up.   To pay by check online just click on the program you ordered and fill out the online check.   If you prefer, you can also pay by credit card using the "PayPal" or "Yahoo!Paydirect" online/e-mail payment system.

IMPORTANT:  To register "Real Estate Investment Analysis" you MUST first download and install the program in your computer(s) (you can install each program in up to 3 computers; Home, Office, and Portable computer).

After you install the program, go to the "REGISTRATION - USER'S GUIDE" worksheet (Go to: START> Programs> REIA  V14.0> 1- Registration - User's Guide) and go to "How to Register" and follow ALL five STEPS to register the program(s).   Contact us if you have any questions.

You need to have the FULL version of MS Excel 97 or 2000 (American Version) installed in your computer (including all ADD-INS needed:  On Excel go to, "TOOLS", then; "ADD-INS" and select the add-ins; "Analysis Toolpack", "Solver", "Update Add-in links", etc...).  Contact us if you have ANY questions.

REIA  HELP - User's Guide Workbook

After you install the program, go to the "REGISTRATION - USER'S GUIDE" worksheet (Go to: START> Programs> REIA  V14.0> 1- User's Guide - Registration).

The "USER'S GUIDE - REGISTRATION " workbook contains step-by-step instructions on how to use the program  (it will also tell you where you should enter/change the data:  numbers in blue can be changed).  If you are using the program for the first time, you may want to have the program and the "Help" workbook open at the same time and just follow the step of the analysis.

See also our "Real Estate Investment Analysis - Glossary"

Who should use these programs?  What should them be used for?

Our REIA  program was originally created to help real estate broker and investors create detailed presentations for potential clients or partners. REIA  is now used by accountants, engineers, architects, developers, real estate agents and investors. 

A small investor may use "REIA BASIC" to create a basic analysis for his/her condo, while a developer will use "REIA ENTERPRISE" to create a detailed analysis (including a 10-year projection for all 9 scenarios) for his/her 120-unit townhome project.

We recommend users download all versions before they register a particular version. If you plan to create 4+ analysis at the same time and compare them, you should not use the "BASIC" version.  However, if you plan to create 4+ analysis/scenarios that may include a more than 2 loans or 40 units, you should try the "ENTERPRISE" version.

The main reason we decided to release copies of our programs online was that it is very difficult to explain the differences between all the versions without actually showing the program.  We recently created a "User's Guide" to help users understand how the program works.

What's the difference between "REIA" and "REDA"?

There are many differences (too many to list here).   Basically, REIA  (Real Estate Investment Analysis) focus on the analysis of properties as an "investment" (income, expenses, IRR, Capitalization Rate, NOI, Operating Statement, etc...). For example:  you would use REIA if you wanted to create an analysis for a income-producing property you own, plan to buy or sell (like a 20-unit apartment building, office building, etc...).

REDA  (Real Estate Development Analysis)
focus on the analysis of a property
during the construction & unit sale period (hard costs, soft costs, unit sales, etc...).  For example:  you would use REDA if you wanted to create an analysis for a property you will build or build and/sell (like a 20-unit apartment project, office building, etc...).

Please download the program(s) so that you can better decide which program will fit your needs.

I am not in the U.S.  - Can I still use your programs?

Our programs were designed to be very flexible.   You will see many "OTHER" or "ADJUSTMENT" cells that can be used to enter new formulas or make necessary adjustments.   For example, in the "Tax Obligations or Savings" section of REIA you can enter your own tax rate and also use one (or all three) "OTHER" rows to enter formulas or make any necessary adjustment on how taxes are calculated.   Most people (even here in the US) use these additional lines to customize the program to make it work for more specific situations.  

If you need to convert "US Mortgage" calculations to "Canadian Mortgage" calculations, you can use the (FREE) "Canadian Loan Calculator" workbook to do that.

Using the "OTHER" or "ADJUSTMENT" cells we (and many other users) can probably make the program work almost any way we want, but we cannot assure you will be able to do the same.   Please keep in mind that we cannot guarantee that our programs will work in every situation, in every country, and for everyone.  

The program was tested in all "AMERICAN" versions of MS EXCEL; if you do not have the "AMERICAN" version of MS EXCEL our program(s) may not work properly in your computer.   You can download all programs directly from our website and try them.  Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

I would like to see a sample of the analysis, do you have such? or a demo version?

Yes, you can see a sample analysis.  If you go to our website, you will be able to download all programs we offer.   They will not be 100% functional (Ex: Purchase Price changes will not take effect) until you register and activate them, but will be able to see all workbooks / worksheets and print all pages.   All four versions of "REIA" contain a partial sample analysis that you can look at.

Will you send me the passwords to unlock/unprotect 
all workbooks and worksheets?

No.   We will only send you the registration# and password necessary to activate your copy of the program.  We considered releasing an "open" version of the program but we decided that an "open" version would only confuse users.   There are hundreds and hundreds of formulas in each worksheet (1,000,000+ total) linked to other cells and worksheets.   

The formulas & design of the program are closely integrated, which makes the program even more complicated.  One change to one of the "locked" cells could adversely affect the entire program.   We believe that nobody would be able to find and/or understand all cells and formulas in the program.  So, we decided that an "open" version of "REIA" is not necessary.  

When we open the Real Estate Investment Analysis program, 
we just get fixed data that we can't change.  How do we open a new worksheet?

The activation code and registration# you received are to activate the program, not to unprotect any worksheet or workbook.  All "input" cells where you should enter all data are already "unprotected/unlocked".   

You do not need to open a new worksheet, all you have to do is change the information that is already there.  Please read the "Help - User's Guide" workbook ( go to "START" > "Program Files" > "REIA ENTERPRISE V14.0" > "4- Help - User's Guide" ).

The "HELP" workbook contains step-by-step instructions on how to use the program  (it will also tell you where you should enter/change the data; for example:  numbers in blue can be changed).  If you are using the program for the first time, you may want to have the program and the "Help" workbook open at the same time and just follow the step of the analysis.

I have the password(s) and registration number(s) you've sent me, 
but I cannot activate the program.  What's wrong?

Try This First;
1-Make sure you have only one copy of the program in your computer.
2-Make sure you have the full version of MS EXCEL 97 OR MS EXCEL 2000 (including ADD-INS; Go to "TOOLS", Then "ADD-INS"; Select:  "ANALYSIS TOOLPAK", "SOLVER", etc...) Installed and available in your computer.


1) Do you offer this program on a CD?

Yes, you can find this program and other MyRealEstateOffice.Com programs in the "MyRealEstateOffice.Com - Compact Disk".

2) Can you create a "special" version of this program just for me?

Yes.   We can "modify" the design and/or add new features to the current version of the program.   The registration/license fee for a "special" version will depend on the number of changes made to the original version, and the number of copies you would like to register.   If we like your suggestions, we may include them in our regular version of the program.   In that case, you would only pay the regular registration/license fee.

3) I need more than one copy of the program.  Can you offer me a special discount?

Yes.   When you register the program you can install it in a "home" computer, "office" computer, and in a "portable" computer.    If you need additional copies for you (or different users) you should contact us for more information on special discounts we offer.

4) What's your refund policy?

We cannot offer refunds for any reason after the order is complete and we issue you an activation code; so please check the program requirements before you buy the program.  In fact, we require you to download the program and install it in your computer before you pay for it, so please do it.  Again, if you have any questions about the program, we'll be glad to help you even before you pay anything.

If you need help downloading, installing, or using our program, please do not hesitate to contact us.  Please keep in mind that our staff cannot teach real estate or give you real estate / investment advice.  However, they will be glad to hear from you and help you use the program.   
"The best investment is in the tools of one's own trade"
 Benjamin Franklin (1706 - 1790) US statesman, diplomat, inventor, printer

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