You can use our online registration form to register and pay the registration/license fee online.  Just fill out the REGISTRATION FORM and click "SUBMIT".   Our "THANK YOU" page will pop up.   To pay by check online just click on the program you ordered and fill out the online check.   If you prefer, you can also pay by credit card using the "PayPal" online/e-mail payment system.
1) To write checks, do you need an additional check writing program or do you need to order checks that can be printed in a printer?  When I try to print a check it just prints it out on a blank piece of paper. 

You do not need to buy any other program, but you will need to have the checks (the program prints "on blank" checks, it does not create the check).

2) I have downloaded a trail copy. Your description stated you could write checks but I haven't located this feature anywhere in the program?

Yes you can.  Go to the "Withdrawls" form and you will see (at the bottom) a "Print Button".  You can print a check for each "record/expense".  

3) When I click on the check button at the lower left hand corner of the "withdrawls" page, it just minimizes that screen. In order to print the check, I have to up to the printer button in the toolbar and click on that. Is this correct or am I missing something?

You are correct.  That is supposed to happen.  The program lets you "preview" the report/check so that you can make any adjustments (like, paper size, margins, etc...), then if everything is ok, just click "print".

4) I am trying to order computer checks to use with your program. The check printing vender needs to know what software program is doing the check printing, such as Microsoft Money V2.5, etc. I wasn't sure whether to stipulate the HUD-1 Statement V3.0 or if there's some other integrated check writing program, such as named above.

Yes, you are correct, you do not want to order any checks and them find out they will not work with your program.

The design of the check should the same as the one used for Microsoft Money 2000 (1 check per page), however I suggest you go to "HUD-1 Settlement Statement V3.0" print one complete check on a blank piece of paper and send it to them or take it to your local office supply store and ask them if they have checks in that "format".

Please note that "HUD-1 Settlement Statement V3.0" let users preview each check and adjust top, bottom, left, and right margins, so there are many types of checks that can be used with this program.

5)  Is there any way to add a voucher or statement to the check when printing it that would show, for example, the date, check number, amount, purpose of, etc.? The single check forms come with 2 vouchers attached, all on one sheet and I was just wondering because it looks like the program just prints the check portion only.

The program prints the Vendor/Payee name, Date, Amount, and "Payment Details" (MEMO).  You are correct, some forms come with the check + 2 vouchers, some with 3 checks in one page, others with just one check, etc...

When the program was designed we thought that if the program printed only the "Check" part users would not have to use just one type of form; they would be able to use forms that included 3 checks per page, forms with just one check, and forms with one check and two vouchers.   The only problem with that is that the program does not print the additional information you mentioned if you choose to forms that include "vouchers".

Some users (using the form with 1 check + 1 or 2 vouchers) just print the check, detach it from the form, and then print it again on the "voucher" section.  Others using the form with 3 checks and no vouchers, just print the check and make a copy of it for their records.


1) I can't open the program;  when I try to open the program I get an error message.

If you have MS Access installed in your computer you probably will not be able to use this program.  Even if MS Access is closed, it will still try to open/convert the database (something that should not be done).

Also, make sure ALL other programs are closed when you install/run this program to avoid any conflicts.  

2) The program is not calculating the totals for my HUD-1.  I get an error message when I create a HUD-1.  What's wrong?  I can't change my record?

When you create a new "FILE/RECORD" please make sure that ALL sections of the HUD-1 have been completed;

For example:

If section "1300" is zero, DO NOT leave it blank, go to line "1301" and enter "0" (the program will automatically fill out the remaining lines).  If you leave any part of the HUD-1 blank the program will not be able to produce a correct HUD-1 Statement.

The program will also use the information from the HUD-1 to automatically create other forms like; HUD-1A, and Closing Costs Estimate; so make sure you ALWAYS complete the HUD-1 (page-1 & page-2) first.

Our program does not allow duplicate "FILE NUMBER" fields. If you used FILE NUMBER= "12345", and you do not complete the HUD-1 (as described above); the next time you try to use that same File Number on a new record, you may see the kind of problem described above and you will be unable to make changes to that record.    So in order to prepare a correct HUD-1, make sure the HUD-1 is COMPLETE (as described above) and that you do not use duplicate "FILE NUMBER" fields.

3) Your help menu and examples need to be separated from the program as your customers have to go through and delete all that information if they want to start out with a clean program, as I do. As such, your automatic numbering system then starts out with several numbers already used.

You are correct.  However, when you select "Compact/Repair Database" those numbers should be reset.  Again, that's something that should be included in the "Help" section, otherwise, only programmers and database managers would know that.

4) Concerning the automatic numbering system, I have noted that when a record gets deleted, the number also gets deleted. It would be nice if the number would come back up for use again, to keep records from getting to confusing and keep proper chronological order, and automatically place and number the entry in proper order, no matter when it is typed in.

Select "Compact/Repair Database"  ( go to "Start" > "Programs" > "HUD-1 Settlement Statement" > "Compact & Repair Database" ).


1) Can I get a hard copy manual for this program?

We do not offer a "hard copy manual" for this program.  The main reason for that is that nobody wanted to read it (they would just call us or send us an e-mail).   Also, many of our programs are updated as often as twice a year, so it is not practical to create a hard copy manual for each version.  I'll call you later today to answer any questions you may have.

2) Do you offer this program on a CD?

Yes, you can find this program and other MyRealEstateOffice.Com programs in the "MyRealEstateOffice.Com - Compact Disk".

3) Can you create a "special" version of this program just for me?

Yes.   We can "modify" the design and/or add new features to the current version of the program.   The registration/license fee for a "special" version will depend on the number of changes made to the original version, and the number of copies you would like to register.   If we like your suggestions, we may include them in our regular version of the program.   In that case, you would only pay the regular registration/license fee.

If you need help downloading, installing, or using our program, please do not hesitate to contact us.  Please keep in mind that our staff cannot teach real estate or give you real estate / investment advice.  However, they will be glad to hear from you and help you use the program.   
"The best investment is in the tools of one's own trade"
 Benjamin Franklin (1706 - 1790) US statesman, diplomat, inventor, printer

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