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Closing Cost Estimates + HUD-1 + HUD-1A + Loan Calculator

MyRealEstateOffice.Com - Closing Costs 2003 is an Excel workbook that contains many different worksheets that help users calculate how much home they can afford, loan payments, closing costs estimates, and HUD-1 Statements. 

The program includes a "HELP" workbook with a lot of supplemental home-finance information. Every worksheet also contains many "comments" that provide useful instructions and instant help. You will find a wealth of detail and the necessary tools to create real-time comparisons of financing options as well as closing costs estimates and HUD-1 Statements.


Closing Costs 2003 is now only US$19.00   -   If you already registered Closing Costs 2001/2002 you can upgrade to Closing Costs 2002 Version 1.0 (FOR FREE), use this form ( UPGRADE FORM )  to obtain a new password and registration number.

You can also find this program on the free  "MyRealEstateOffice CD"

FEATURES  -  WHAT'S NEW?  (2002 version)

This version also includes 2 "STORE" worksheets that can save/load up to 100 (50 each) different reports. This new feature is very useful for real estate professionals who may need to create many reports at the same time.
Redesigned "Mortgages 1 - 2" worksheet that can calculate the Lender's IRR (Internal Rate of Return).   The Lender's IRR  is based on the initial loan amount (adjusted for any "points" and "other expenses"), total annual payments, and loan payoff (adjusted for pre-payment penalties).

The Lender's IRR will give you a uniform estimate of how much a loan is costing you.  Because the lender's IRR is adjusted for discount points, participation, and pre-payment penalties; it makes it easier to compare different loan options.

FEATURES  -  WHAT'S NEW?  (2003 version)

Now includes a HUD-1A worksheet
Many worksheets have been redesigned
New "User's Guide - Registration" workbook
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