-A- Program limitations (unregistered version):
You can download all programs we offer directly from our website. The programs will not be 100% functional until you register/activate them (For example:  "Unit Size" / "Number of Units" changes will not take effect, but you will be able to see all workbooks / worksheets and print all pages). 
 -B- Check the Minimum Requirements:
You will need Microsoft© Excel 97 or 2000 (Full American version, including Add-ins) - To install the add-ins, go to MS Excel click on, "TOOLS", then; "ADD-INS" and select the add-ins; "Analysis Toolpack", "Analysis Toolpack - VBA", "Solver Add-in", etc...).  The program WILL NOT work properly if the MS Excel ADD-INS are not installed.   You will also need;  MS Windows 95/98/NT, 65 MB free disk space, 128MB RAM, Pentium II Processor (or similar).  

IMPORTANT:  Make sure that the "SECURITY" level in MS Excel 2000/XP is set to "MEDIUM".   To change the security level; open MS Excel;  Click on "TOOLS"==>"MACROS"==>"SECURITY".    Then when you open the program, make sure you "ENABLE MACROS".     If the security level is set to "HIGH" MS Excel will not let you run any macros and the program WILL NOT work properly.
 -A- Help / Instructions on how to use the program:
Please read the "Registration - User's Guide" workbook;
Go to "START" > "Program Files" > "REDA Version 11.0" > "1- User's Guide - Registration"

The "User's Guide" workbook contains step-by-step instructions on how to use the program (it will also tell you where you should enter/change the data: numbers in blue can be changed). If you are using the program for the first time, you may want to have the program and the "Help" workbook open at the same time and just follow the step of the analysis.    Please read our "
HELP" page for more information.  ...or contact us by e-mail/phone.   We'll be glad to answer any questions you may help even before you register the program(s).
 -B- Register the Program:
You must download/install REDA in your computer(s) before you register it.   Then, you need to go to the "User's Guide - Registration" workbook and follow the "5 steps" on how to activate the program. 

You need to send us the "Installation ID" shown on "STEP-4";

1- Write down the "Installation ID" you see on "STEP-4".
2- Save the workbook before you close it.
3- Fill out this "
REGISTRATION FORM" and pay the registration/license fee online. 
If you are a registered user of REDA 2000/2001/2002/V10  you can download and register REDA V11.0 for FREE.   You can request a new password and registration# using this form:  Free Update

(release date: AUG. 2003)

(release date: AUG. 2003)

Click Here to Download  - FILE SIZE:  9MB

Click here to Download  - FILE SIZE:  8MB
This file includes the REDA V11.0 program, "User's Guide" workbook, and "REPORTS" workbook. This file includes the REDA V11.0 "BACKUP" workbook that can be used to save up to 60 different analyses.  If you need to save/backup more than 20 analyses, please download this file.

You can also find this program on the free  "MyRealEstateOffice CD"

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